Hello Kitty. Knitting. Tattoo. Wow.

Photo credit: Kietiekat

I think we all know my feelings on Hello Kitty, but I’ll give nothing but kudos to this lady for her dedication to both knitting and to Hello Kitty. Props to you Kietiekat. (And, as always, thanks to everyone on the Ravelry Tattooed Knitters and Crocheters board. You continue to surprise, amaze and astound me.)



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3 responses to “Hello Kitty. Knitting. Tattoo. Wow.

  1. Wow!

    I wonder why so few knitting tattoos picture circular needles.

    • Was wondering that myself yesterday as I was perusing pictures of knittatts. They’re much less iconic and therefore recognizable, for one; would non-knitters know what they were, even paired with a ball of yarn? I think the symmetry that can be achieved by crossed straight needles is more visually pleasing that a circ would be, too. My two cents, of course. Just musing!

      • Perri

        I think that you’re probably right. I’ve seen some lovely sewing ones though, and any craft-themed tattoos that I have will certainly be more needle and thread than needle and yarn.

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