hello kitty sewing machine

It’s not just me who finds this machine REALLY creepy, is it?


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14 responses to “Hello Kitty + craft = THIS GOD AWFUL SEWING MACHINE.

  1. Seriously scarey!!! Wherever did you find that monstrousity?!

  2. Huw

    The eyes! It looks like one of those Toy Story toys that Sid destroys and rebuilds

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  5. That’s so cute!!! Yes scary kind of cute. I would love one.Hey, As long as it gets little girls and lovers of kawaii sewing then…GREAT!

  6. carmen

    not creepy! cute
    but i am a 15 yr old girl
    so that may be the reason
    every one my age is obsessed with HK
    but i do consider myself non-obsessed
    i just think lots of things r cute[:

  7. Sarah

    I think its cute.. hahaha..

  8. Perri

    Everyone loves it! Is it just me who thinks it has creepy eyes? I think if I bought one it might come alive one night and kill me.

  9. Ellie


    I like Hello Kitty, and I like sewing, but this made me go “What the hell?!”

    That thing IS seriously creepy! Bad idea for a product!

  10. chloe

    i think it’ s really cute and i would love one! but then again i am a 12 year old girl. i have recently learnt to sew on a sewing machine at school and would do it a lot more at home with this one. =)

  11. manathi

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    As i am having the same model of the machine they are saying that we have to change the rotating hook. pls let me know what will be cost of the service and the address details.


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  14. i think its dead cute, apart from the eyes and so called tounge lol xx

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