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Sewing + feminism = this cracking feature


‘In response to the rampant misogyny of the Internet, feminists are putting “misandry” on shirts, hats and jewelry.’


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Craft your response to government cuts

I care Scope soap

Send a letter to your MP? That’s not the way to get their attention these days. Scope are running a marvellous creative campaign to get the message out there. Here’s what they say:

“We are a nation of people who care about fairness and freedom.  And yet today, too many disabled people are being denied social care – help to do the basics like getting washed, dressed and out of the house. Essential support to live their lives. The Government has a choice. Now. Will they right this wrong by funding social care in the upcoming Spending Review, or will they make it even worse by denying more than 100,000 disabled people the lifeline of social care?  It depends if they see people care enough to speak out. We want to show them Britain cares! Our new creative actions are designed to show MPs just that – people do care about this issue. So much so that they have spent time over a creative action. We have guides for knitting a sock, stitching  ‘I Care’ onto a sock, adding ‘I Care ‘ to a bar of soap or simply making a home-made card. By sending something personal and homemade to MPs, we’re highlighting the issue of essential social care in a unique way. What better way to remind an MP how essential getting washed every morning is, than with a bar of soap?”

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Jordan to venture into the world of craft? Holy shit.

According to Heat, she spent her 35th birthday sewing pinnies.

So it’s not crazy to suggest she might do a haberdashery line, right. KP Equestrian is a real thing, y’know.

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A pillowcase can change a life. Really.


When it’s made into a pretty dress and sent to girls in the developing world, a pillowcase can lift a spirit, raise a smile and make a little girl very happy indeed. Sure, it’s not food or shelter or education, but it’s a little something. And even a little something is worth doing.

Learn more about the project, download the pattern and be part of something special at sewscrumptious.blogspot.co.uk.


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Company magazine is THE BEST.

They feature SO much craft. And not boring, dull craft either – it’s the good stuff.

And they were kind enough to quote me in a feature in this issue, in this brilliant piece by Kerry Potter.




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Kettle chips get stitched up


Kettle Chips new ad is sewn. Very glad to see craft being used by the ad monkeys.

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