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Material World: meet the men who craft

Material World is full of little profiles of some of the many wonderful people who populate the craft world. Here are a few of the men I featured. Because, yes, men make too.

Who? Ben Venom

Why? The textile artist blends two very different cultures – patchworking and heavy metal – and in doing so creates some very unusual and impressive quilts that are exhibited across America

Where can I see more? For details of his forthcoming exhibitions, and for a gallery of his amazing stuff, visit benvenom.com. Alternatively, head over to his blog.


Who? John-Paul Flintoff

Why? The Sunday Times journalist is partial to a bit of make do and mend, and can often be found patching holes in his wife’s shirts and making his own jeans.

Where can I see more? Flintoff.org has details of his writing, speaking and other projects and you should check out his two books, Sew Your Own and How to Change The World.


Who? Phil Davidson

Why? He’s the founder of Urban Cross Stitch, and the mastermind behind the iconic Banksy kits hat helped shake up the dreary world of cross stitch.

Where can I see more? Buy patterns and kits at urban-cross-stitch.com, or take a look at his brilliant book, Twisted Stitches.

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