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Sometimes it’s OK when Mondays are blue.


Tights from Primark, nailvarnish from Gosh.

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Passenger films presents un/ravelling space + wool 100%


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March 24, 2013 · 10:00 am

You wanna make this maxi skirt, right?

You wanna make this maxi skirt, right?

Well you can. At Sew It Over in Clapham.

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March 22, 2013 · 11:55 pm

Crafty: the sexy new craft magazine

Crafty: the sexy new craft magazine

How fit does this cover look? It’s on shelves on March 28.

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March 11, 2013 · 10:39 pm

Craft blogs: the bestest ones

I had an epic fail at the Craft Hobby + Stitch International show today when my Powerpoint presentation for my seminar (“The Write Stuff”. Geddit?!) didn’t work (darn Mac/PC issues). Fortunately everyone was rather nice about it. As they didn’t jeer too much, I promised the audience I’d type up a list of awesome craft blogs. Here’s a few links to the people who’ve already made lists: a massive list of sewing bloggers a few of Channel 4 Homes’ favourite blogs

V& the V&A recommend knitting blogs

And a few (of the many) I love…

Please do leave recommendations for other brilliant blogs in the comments section (or whack in a link to your own blog too).

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I’m having a little break


Writing that book took it out of me last year, so I’m spending my evenings drinking cider, eating shortbread and Mexican food, and generally chillaxing like this dude. I’ll be back blogging asap, promises.

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Meet the experts: the crafters who make porn

There’s some pretty hot and heavy stuff being crafted out there, and in Material World I speak to three ladies about why they craft this kind of X-rated stuff.


Who? Ferret

Why? Among the traditional quilts in Ferret’s collection you’ll find a handful of impressive nudes, painstakingly created in patchwork. The fact she mastered her craft before she tackled the more explicit designs means that her quilting technique is stitch perfect.

Where can I see more? has a gallery of her patchwork nudes, as well as details of the workshops she runs and the longarm quilting service she offers.


Who? Bee Franck

Why? This stitcher mashes classic (meaning ‘boring’) cross-stitch patterns with everyone’s favourite sarcastic, explicit, and offensive phrases.

Where can I see more? Her Tumbler has some of the best examples of her work. Or, head over to where she is one of the editors. Her Etsy shop is BeeFranck and she tweets at @beefranck.


Who? Alaina Varrone

Why? Alaina is just as happy stitching pictures of alien abductions and Converse trainers as she is graphic scenes of erotic sex (yes, there are vaginas).

Where can I see more? Buy Alaina’s work from her Etsy shop, or see the full range on or on her Flickr page. Alternatively, head over to Mr X Stitch’s NSFW Saturdays series where you can see more of her stuff.

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Pinterest: the guerrilla knitting board

You know I’m a bit of a guerrilla knitter (yep, that’s me over there on But I’ve got nothing on three of the world’s most prolific graffiti crafters, who I’ve interviewed for the book about their exploits. Over on Pinterest I’ve collected a few of my favourite images of guerrilla knitting from across the world.


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Halloween got crafted

The boy did good, right? I reckon this looks like a proper friendly pumpkin.


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