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Daft Punk get crafted

Daft Punk get crafted

Buy your own Daft Punk helmet from Etsy. It’s under 350 quid! (via


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June 2, 2013 · 3:00 pm

Jordan to venture into the world of craft? Holy shit.

According to Heat, she spent her 35th birthday sewing pinnies.

So it’s not crazy to suggest she might do a haberdashery line, right. KP Equestrian is a real thing, y’know.

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Knit yourself a boyfriend.


Yes, ladies and gents, if you so wanted (and had the skills and patience of artist Noortje de Keijzer), you too could knit yourself a bloke (via


(In other, related news, today is my lovely boyfriend’s birthday. Happy birthday J.)

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Crafty #2: the cover

Crafty cover 2

It’s published today. There’s more on

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Ooh this Fair Trade jewellery is most lovely


I’ll admit Fair Trade stuff might be A Good Thing, but it isn’t always beautiful.

Fortunately, Just Trade exists. One of my bestest friends bought me a piece from the site (one of her friends owns it), and I wear it ALL the time.

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Illustrators are awesome.

And there’s no easier way to support them than to buy the birthday cards that they produce. Here’s a few aces from Kate Wilson aka Little Doodles and Gemma Correll that I picked up this weekend.



ps. Kate and Gemma contributed to a little piece I’ve done for the Guardian and BlackBerry. It’s part of an awesome campaign I’m doing for them (along with my awesome colleague DT), which also includes this “how to draw a monster” piece by Jonathan Edwards (aka Felt Mistress‘s fella), “how to be a digital illustrator” by Sam Brewster and the “how to create a monster” video which features some of my favourite creatives. Go have a gander and let me know what you think.


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Martha Stewart hangs with Snoop.


Obvs, right?

The craft ledge and rapper actually have loads in common. Doing jail time, baking special brownies

I wanna be in their gang.

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Debenhams + Stephen Jones = the end of naff highstreet hats?

Highstreet fascinators are usually pretty shocking (as Philip Treacy said in my book, “‘Cheap imitations are leading to the downfall of the headgear trend that milliners worked so hard to create; now they are just limp feathers and a tacky flower.”) So it’s awesome news that millinery legend Stephen Jones is doing a line for Debenhams.

Lovely piece on this by Peter York in the Independent.

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Mia Wasikowska needs lessons in cool.

“I love knitting. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that, it’s not good for my image,” reports.

Whatevs Wasik, whatevs.

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Material World: meet the craftastrophe experts

They’re here to stop making a good awful mess of your crafting: read their top advice in Material World and there’s every chance you’ll be lucky and WON”T end up on one of their blogs.


Who? Jen Farley

Why? The blogger behind Craigs Dump, a VERY funny site that gathered the very worst of the worst listings on popular US site Craig’s list

Where can I see more?


Who? Renee Nichols

Why? If you make something that looks crap and post it on the web, she WILL track you down and post it on her blog, Craftastrophe. Because like the tagline says, handmade isn’t always pretty.

Where can I see more?


Who? Heather Mann

Why? Admit to your epic craft fails to Heather and she WILL post them on her blog, Craft Fail. But she will be nice about your misfortunes, don’t worry. Well, nice-ish.

Where can I see more?


Who? Jen Yates

Why? Because Cake Wrecks, her blog that – yep, you’ve guessed it, charts the most awful and hilarious attempts at baking on the web – is absolutely brilliant.

Where can I see more?


Who? April Winchell

 Why? The most successful of these craft fail blogs is Regretsy, the blog that picks out the very worst Etsy sellers and the trash they try and flog. April – the actress, voiceover artist, presenter and all round celebrity type person – secured a Random House book deal for this blog, and also started a foundation based around it to raise cash for charity.

 Where can I see more?


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