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Glitter, glitter everywhere.

You’d expect nothing less from Momtaz, author of the Craft Cafe blog, founder of the Hackney Make Escape and now author of 101+ Things To Do With Glitter.

It was her book launch last night, and there were many glitter-based things to be made (including a frame for this lovely snap if me and fellow Knit The City crew member, Deadly Knitshade). Here are the snaps…






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122 is the magic number.

And it’s the number of people quoted in one form or another in my forthcoming craft book, Material World.

I think I’ve surprised myself at how many that is.

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Look what landed on my desk this morning …


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Book #2 of the week.

John Paul Flintoff (yep, that guy who wrote Sew Your Own) has a book book out. It’s part of a School of Life series, and it’s about how to change the world.

I assume you want to change the world? Yes? Good.

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I assure you, you must buy this.

I’ve been a big fan of Rosie since she started her amazing venture, DIY Couture. Now she’s only gone and written a book, which I have no doubt will be absolutely brilliant. Please do buy it from here.

And while you’re here, you should DEFINITELY go along to her launch party, on Tuesday 29 May in Hackney. Everyone is welcome. (Don’t fret – I am allowed to tell you all about it, she said I was).



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Introducing my book’s cover …

It’s not the final final final version, but it is pretty final. THE COVER OF MY BOOK IS NOW UP ON AMAZON!!

I hope you like it.




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Words are fun.

Sew Over It, the sewing cafe/studio/general craft place in Clapham has come runner-up in a competition to find Britain’s best business name (via the Daily Mail). Kudos guys!

(ps. It’s worth noting that these guys have a book coming out with the same publisher at me, just a month before. You should definitely buy it.)

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Another new craft book, from someone who doesn’t make.

This is from the press release …

“When publishing giant FW Media/David & Charles contacted Made in the Shade gal Carrie Maclennan and asked if she’d like to write a book, she was thrilled and her reply was a short, sharp, excited, ‘Yes’. Little did they realise, that despite having been an active figure in the craft scene in Scotland for over 6 years, Carrie’s creative friends and colleagues know her as quite the crafting calamity. Invited to be the authoress of David & Charles’  ‘The Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing’, Carrie admitted her crafty shortcomings but came up with an exciting twist in the usual ‘how-to’ sewing book format.  She gathered a group of designer maker pals and asked that they – as textile artists, craft queens, dressmakers and veritable sewing susans – teach her some stitching tricks.”

“A year (and numerous sewing lessons) later, Carrie is thrilled to announce that The Busy Girl’s Guide To Sewing is available to buy from all good book stores now!   The book contains 13 simple, satisfying and fun sewing projects designed especially for busy girls in mind.  Projects are grouped together according to complexity and the length of time they take to complete.  Some, like those in the DIY craft kit chapter at the beginning of the book,  can be stitched up in a matter of minutes.  Some, like the Pleats Aplenty Duvet Skirt, might be completed over a few sittings.”

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Foyles on craft.

‘Here at St Pancras we recently expanded our Art and Craft section, as part of preparations to wave a big, sticky-handed ‘hello’ (too much craft glue again) to the University of the Arts campus when it relocates to the regenerated King’s Cross area later this year,’ says Rachael on the Foyles blog. A nice little piece that’s worth a read.

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Ooh, a knitted safari.

Complete with a knitted aardvark. What more could you want?

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