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Your crafty/vintage/DIY wedding needs these.

Vintage china, handmade bunting and all kinds of other paraphernalia at Frost and Pickles (because, sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to make your own FOUR MILLION METRES of bunting). That Frost is a good egg, so you can be sure they’ll do you well.


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The story of Carrie Reichardt and the Trojan horse.

How it all started: July 30

I got this email from Carrie …‘Carrie Reichardt akd The Baroness (well known craftivists and rebel rousing renegade potter)  and Nick Reynolds (son of Great Train robber Bruce Reynolds and harmonic player in cult band Alabama 3), where one of the 10 artists chosen by the Cheltenham museum of art and craft to decorate a life-size resin horse to celebrate 100 years of horse racing at Cheltenham. They spent months changing the rather horrid resin horse they were given into a magnificent, highly crafted  Dada Trojan Horse, complete with a ceramic history of horses – as told from a animal rights position. The horse is intended to be displayed for the next few months on the streets of Cheltenham, before they are auctioned off from Cheltenham races in Oct. But will Cheltenham have the stomach to display a piece of work that informs its audience of the true horrors and atrocities that horses have endured at the hands of humans.’

Then, on August 9Carrie told me: ‘The horse was vandalised hours after being put on the street. Two others were also damaged. We have fixed it up and it is due to go back out on Wednesday, we believe it will now go into the Beechwood shopping centre, which is closed at night. But this does need to be confirmed tomorrow.’… 13 days later.

From ‘One of the horse sculptures which was supposed to celebrate Cheltenham’s historic racing links has been moved inside for its own safety. The horse, which was designed by well-known mosaic craftswoman Carrie Reichardt and artist Nick Reynolds, had occupied a prestigious spot in the Long Gardens opposite the Municipal Offices.’

Glad to see this fine piece of craftivism has found a home. Carrie’s work is AMAZING, and I’m very pleased that the people who found it a safe haven had the guts to keep it on show.

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Ceramics are all the better when they’re made by lovely young ladies.

Ceramacist Elizabeth Price has a fancy new website,, that I’ve been having a gander at (I featured her stuff in a Guardian Valentine’s Day gift guide back in February). My favourite thing? The awesome ‘Flock’ installation of 100 porcelain swallows.

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