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Lily Cole + knitting + Innocent Smoothies


Lily (who everyone’s favourite model, right?) is promoting Innocent’s The Big Knit.

From the press release: “This year’s Big Knit takes place from 6-29th November.  Behatted smoothies can be found in shops across the land, and for every one we sell, 25p will go to Age UK.  There’s lots more info at”



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The one where I went to Valencia and fell in love with the street art














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Hendrix got yarnbombed.

Hendrix yarn bombed

“One of his greatest hits was Crosstown Traffic, but perhaps the Jimi Hendrix’s track should be renamed ‘Cross-stitch Traffic’ after what happened to the guitar maestro’s statue at Dimbola, Freshwater,” says the Isle of Wight County Press.

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Craft your response to government cuts

I care Scope soap

Send a letter to your MP? That’s not the way to get their attention these days. Scope are running a marvellous creative campaign to get the message out there. Here’s what they say:

“We are a nation of people who care about fairness and freedom.  And yet today, too many disabled people are being denied social care – help to do the basics like getting washed, dressed and out of the house. Essential support to live their lives. The Government has a choice. Now. Will they right this wrong by funding social care in the upcoming Spending Review, or will they make it even worse by denying more than 100,000 disabled people the lifeline of social care?  It depends if they see people care enough to speak out. We want to show them Britain cares! Our new creative actions are designed to show MPs just that – people do care about this issue. So much so that they have spent time over a creative action. We have guides for knitting a sock, stitching  ‘I Care’ onto a sock, adding ‘I Care ‘ to a bar of soap or simply making a home-made card. By sending something personal and homemade to MPs, we’re highlighting the issue of essential social care in a unique way. What better way to remind an MP how essential getting washed every morning is, than with a bar of soap?”

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You’re coming to the Crafty Fox market, right?

You are?

PHEW! (I’m a little bit involved y’see, having curated a section of it)

Here’s the deets.

• Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December, 11am – 5pm, The Dogstar, 389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton

• It’s FREE

• From the press release: “Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, a unique shopping experience awaits.  The Crafty Fox Market will be returning to the Dogstar, Brixton, on 8th & 9th December where a hand-picked cast of 80 UK designer makers will transform the old Victorian pub into a wonderland of Christmas shopping. Crafty Fox takes place on all three floors of the Dogstar, so when you’ve filled your stockings take a moment to explore.  You can ‘make and do’ with craft writer Perri Lewis or screen print your own bag with the charming Mr Wingate. Other workshops include origami, knitting and card making.  Or you could just sit back and relax with one of The Tea’s Knee’s cakes and a cuppa in the tea rooms while enjoying tunes from the Crafty Fox DJs.”


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Material World: meet the craft group experts

Wanna start your own craft group? Or even just bottle up enough courage to try out your local maker meeting? No worries, in Material World the founders of the UK’s biggest and best craft groups are here to advise.


Who? Deborah Daniel

Why? She’s founder of the East London Craft Guerrilla, an organisation who hosts events, writes blogs, curates shops and galleries and does all kinds of craft awesomeness in my neck of the woods, Walthamstow.

Where can I see more?


 Who? Louise Williams

 Why? She’s the Crafty Pint extraordinaire, behind the lovely dual London events, Crafty Pint South (in Tooting) and Crafty Pint North (more often than not, in Crouch End). The group behind the events are a mixture of makers who want to promote local artisans and creatives and keep people shopping local.

 Where can I see more?


Who? Nico Dawson

Why? Not only is she head events honcho for the Manchester Craft Mafia, she’s also the lady behind the Manchester craft night Lo-Fi. As well as all that, she makes trinkets and buttons under the guise of Ophelia Button.

Where can I see more? //


Who? Francine Schokker

Why? Birmingham’s premier craft space, Creative Open Workshops (better – and more amusingly – known as COW) is an artist-run project that runs craft fairs, nights, events and more – and Francine is one of their star tutors.

Where can I see more?

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I heart origami money.

“Driver turns up to police station to pay traffic ticket with 137 origami dollar bill PIGS . . . and cops make him unfold every one” via The Daily Mail.

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Martha Stewart, you cheeky mutha.

“Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse are being sued for hawking knock-off knives on the Home Shopping Network.” via Forbes.



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Stitched Stories: the documentary

Please watch this. It was previewed at the London Design Festival this week at the Fine Cell Work pop-up shop in London. (I chaired the panel debate after – it was a LOT of fun.)

Stitched Stories, by Rachel Tavenor, features the following: Neil, a former prisoner whose life was changed by FCW, Sarah Corbett, the founder of the Craftivist Collective, and Jessica Aldred, a FCW embroidery tutor who is also the c0-author of Adventures in Needlework.

(And if you want to read more about Fine Cell Work, read this lovely piece by Huma Qureshi on

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The Cambridge Satchel Company is winning.

I mean REALLY winning.

Not only is Julie Deans, the founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company, appearing on the new Google Chrome TV ad, she’s finally got the ruling that Zatchels DID copy her designs.

(And in brilliant news for me [apologies for obligatory plug], she’s also one of over 100 experts who appear in my forthcoming book, Material World: The Modern Craft Bible)

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