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Birthday! Book! Giveaway!

On this day last year I published by first book, Material World: The Modern Craft Bible. It features 100+ of some of the finest makers and designers in, in my opinion, the world. Really, I cannot believe so many brilliant people let me interview them.

A massive thank you to everyone who was part of it, who wrote about it and who bought it. I’ve got a copy spare, so to celebrate, I’m doing a little giveaway. Tell me your favourite blog or website (yup, it can be your own) before 11.59pm at Sunday 10 November (GMT) and I’ll do the random number draw thing, sign it and send it to one of you.


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Three new books I’m excited about



Make It Your Own cover small



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Knit your own Audrey Hepburn

Stitch New York - Handmade Holly Golightly Tiffany's

Just one of the awesome knitting projects in Lauren O’Farrell’s new book, Stitch New York.

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Craftydermy: the new taxidermy, obvs.


Knit a fox stole, crochet a sheep head and paper mache some antlers. Why? Why the hell not.

This wonderful book is published by Cicada, and available to buy now.

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Your next craft book.

The front cover of Hannah Read Baldrey's book, Girls' Night In

Another cracking book from Quadrille Craft.

There’s more over at Hannah’s new website,

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Look what book I have in my hands…


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THIS is your next craft book.

You Are Awesome: 21 crafts to make you happy, by Abbey Hendrickson (Circada Books)

I like being happy.

I like craft.

Ergo, I love this book.

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You wanna be in a book?

You TOTALLY can. Support Sarah Corbett, the super-awesome craftivist, with just $15 and your name could be in the back of her first book, The Little Book of Craftivism. A perfect Christmas present, right? Visit for deets.

ps. Please do ignore the static image of me in the video on the site. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

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XXL cross stitch.

Because cross stitch is great, but sometimes it’s SO frickin’ slow to do.

Luckily, this book by Jacqui Pearce (the lady behind Pearl and Earl and a shed load of other things) is published tomorrow.



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Just Sew Stories, by Katie Allen (aka your next craft book)

Buy this. Katie is AWESOME.

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