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Mollie Makes: I’ve got a new gig there

Well, kind of.

Twice a year I’ll be a Mollie Makes columnist – one of six – on their new back page section. I hope you like! The new issue is out now today. It looks pretty lush, right?


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Glitter, glitter everywhere.

You’d expect nothing less from Momtaz, author of the Craft Cafe blog, founder of the Hackney Make Escape and now author of 101+ Things To Do With Glitter.

It was her book launch last night, and there were many glitter-based things to be made (including a frame for this lovely snap if me and fellow Knit The City crew member, Deadly Knitshade). Here are the snaps…





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Tonight is a craft night.


1. Finishing a spot of knitting by Tottenham Court Road.

2. Drinking wine with Elisabeth Roulleux, the haute couture embroidery tutor at Central Saint Martins, who appears in my book.

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I’m making a Liberty quilt

Despite looking about 21, my mum has a significant birthday next month. What to give her? A quilt, of course. And for such a significant birthday? A LIBERTY quilt.

I bought most the squares from Liberty Charms on Etsy (she has the most amazing supply of vintage Liberty fabrics, like the 24 Liberty Lawn squares, below)

And then for the edging (and to keep it looking more contemporary), I edged it with some of the brand new Liberty Lifestyle Craft Fabrics. Here’s a few of my favourites …

Blue Copeland Cotton Craft Fabric

Red Dance Cotton Craft Fabric

Turquoise Garnett Cotton Craft Fabric

Blue Dorothy Cotton Craft Fabric
Of course, when I say I’ve done all this, I haven’t. I’ve only just started on the patchwork top. Who knows how long this will take … but I’m looking forward to doing it all.





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Obama. Done.

I started this cross stitch two years ago next month. Finally, it’s done…


The pattern is here.

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Friday night knitting.

A few episodes of CSI is all it takes to make a simple snug hat from Sarah Hatton’s latest collection (the one with the iPhone app).



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I am in Berlin right now.

For the Knit The City German book launch. Here’s some snaps (no yarn storm photos yet as they’re on my big camera).

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Ooh wedding invites.

I designed my best friend Heather’s wedding invites, and had an illustration drawn by the most wonderful Little Doodles (in a cheeky skill swap).

She started sending them out earlier this week…

I’m rather happy with the way they turned out.

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I moved house this week.

And I found a bag of jewellery stuff that I bought in New York. In just a couple minutes I made these little earrings.

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The night I made chocolate.

Chocolate martinis, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles… After this evening with Green and Blacks I’m not eating chocolate until, ooh, sometime next week.

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