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Sewing + feminism = this cracking feature


‘In response to the rampant misogyny of the Internet, feminists are putting “misandry” on shirts, hats and jewelry.’


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What makes a design classic?

I told the guys at Culture Label what I think makes a design classic. So did Olivia Solon of, the guys at Decorum and freelance design journalist Luke Tebbett.


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Nike can help you craft. Really.

The company known for fancy trainers has just launched an app for makers.

It’s not as mental as it sound.

The new app, Making, shows makers how eco-friendly the materials you want to use are. Wanna make with silk? Or cotton? It’ll show you how much water is used in the production, what chemicals etc, and compare it to other comparable fabrics. Pretty ace, huh?

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Daft Punk get crafted

Daft Punk get crafted

Buy your own Daft Punk helmet from Etsy. It’s under 350 quid! (via

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June 2, 2013 · 3:00 pm

Jordan to venture into the world of craft? Holy shit.

According to Heat, she spent her 35th birthday sewing pinnies.

So it’s not crazy to suggest she might do a haberdashery line, right. KP Equestrian is a real thing, y’know.

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