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The embroidery course I wish I could take.


Elisabeth Roulleau at Hand and Lock.

The couture embroidery tutor is wonderful – she’s from France, and whenever she’s in the UK we catch up. I always look forward to it.

She’s also one of the 100+ people who offer their wisdom in my book, Material World: The Modern Craft Bible.




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Karen Nicol: words cannot describe how much I love her work




The textile artist is showing at the Rebecca Hossack gallery from 7-30 November.

Here’s what the site has to say: “Karen Nicol‘s new exhibition is a Singerie, the French word for ‘monkey trick.’ Singerie is a genre that was first found in the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt and made hugely popular in 18th Century French Rococo art, in which artists satirically depicted monkeys wearing fashionable dress.”

I’m heading to the private view tonight, and have interviewed her for Mollie Makes in the current issue


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Sewing + feminism = this cracking feature


‘In response to the rampant misogyny of the Internet, feminists are putting “misandry” on shirts, hats and jewelry.’


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London Design Festival: what’s the power of needlecraft?

Prisoner embroidering a cushion from jail

Next Thursday (20th September) I am chairing an event for a charity I have got a hell of a lot of time for: Fine Cell Work. As part of the London Design Festival I’ll discussing the power of needlecraft with Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective, an ex-prisoner called Neil who was taught by FCW to embroider while inside, and Rachel Tavernor, the director of a documentary called Stitched Stories that we’ll be watching before the debate.

Wanna come? Ace. There’s more details here.

Wanna read a little bit about Sarah’s involvement with the film? Then read her blog about it, here.

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Tonight is a craft night.


1. Finishing a spot of knitting by Tottenham Court Road.

2. Drinking wine with Elisabeth Roulleux, the haute couture embroidery tutor at Central Saint Martins, who appears in my book.

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Can I have one of these please?

A Alicia necklaceA Alicia necklace


Anna from A Alicia accessories sent me these a couple of months back: I still want them just as much as I did then.

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I like seeing embroidered illustrations.

This one, from the Guardian today (“Designer vagina surgery: snip, stitch, kerching!“) by Hanna Melin, is particularly nice.

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This is something to investigate in your lunch break.

The full story is here.

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Manchester’s new embroidery artist.

Read more about Louise Gardiner at the Manchester Evening News website.

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Oooh, this is pretty.

All done by the fine hand of Toni Bowater, who’s just graduated. Fingers crossed will see some of her work elsewhere soon.

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