The end of an era (for me)

People Who Make Stuff, you are awesome. You’ve let me into your amazing world and, for the last six years, you’ve let me poke around wherever and however I want.

Hundreds of you have answered my questions, from the profound (why do you really do this?) to the inane (what’s your worst craftastrophe?). You’ve invited me to your events, made me cups of tea and handed me much-needed pints of cider, even let me speak at a few.

You’ve helped me fill columns and features in almost every national newspaper, given me a reason to appear on TV and radio and helped me fulfil a lifetime dream to write a book. Many of you are proper friends too. You’re people who I fully expect to be hanging out with in 10 years time.

Not many people can say all that.

I started writing about you guys, the maker movement, as a bit of hobby. It was something I did after work (as a features and celebrity editor), for fun. This blog was a place to document the stuff I was doing, from features to interviews to events, plus a place to write about anything I couldn’t fit into commissioned articles.

These days, it’s harder to write this blog. I’m still following what you guys are doing (and it’s ACE – I’m especially excited about The Crafts Council’s new education manifesto) but I write about it a lot less. There’s less time to speak at events and accept commissions from newspapers and magazines because my 9-5 is suddenly my 24/7. 12 months ago I joined a start-up and, 12 months later, things are going exceptionally well. Mastered is an investor-backed online fashion school and I spend every waking minute thinking about how to make it better. I like to think I’m helping the designers and creatives among you more than I ever have before.

So this is the last post of Make and Do With Perri. I don’t do anything I can’t do well, and I’m really not doing this blog well. So let me end it with a big thank you. You guys have been awesome. Stay in touch.

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