The one where I reveal my secret Pinterest boards


I’ve spent the last 18 months hiding three Pinterest boards, on wedding dresses, wedding decorations and wedding flowers. See them at If you’re looking for something a little different (but not too left field), they might give you a few ideas.

Stay tuned for snaps of the wedding.

The one thing I learnt: Use Pinterest wisely. Sure, it’s amazing for inspiration, but the minute you start to feel like your wedding will never be as picture-perfect as the shots you’ve pinned, remember that it’s not real life (the bestest shots are usually super-styled). It took one of my bridesmaids talking straight to me to realise I was becoming a Pinterest mental.


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One response to “The one where I reveal my secret Pinterest boards

  1. TR

    Congrats on the wedding. But I find it disappointing that someone who’s worked for Psychologies doesn’t know better than to use “mental” as a pejorative term. By all means delete this but please amend your post. As a reader (and usually a lurker) with mental health issues this was not nice to read.

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