Mastered x Pinterest

We hung out at Hand and Lock tonight, the 250-year-old embroidery house who work with everyone from Louis Vuitton to the royal family. It was a collaboration with Pinterest UK and Mastered and the studio was full of bloggers, journalists and super pinners (aka the Pinterati, apparently) learning how to do goldwork embroidery.

I tried:
goldwork embroidery for the first time. I rather like it.
I met: Hand and Lock’s head of design, Scott Heron, who was wearing a fabulous oversized white shirt and beautiful eyeliner.
I learnt: There’s a reason why couture dresses like this are so expensive – it takes a bloody long time to do.



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2 responses to “Mastered x Pinterest

  1. so jealous. Hand & Lock are incredible. London’s only ‘petits mains’. you are so lucky!

  2. Sounds a lovely night! I love gold work, yes it takes ages but so worth it!

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