Giveaway! £100 Etsy gift card


It’s nearly Christmas, which means you should probably start trawling Etsy for all those handmade presents you’re going to buy (supporting indy designer-makers, especially at this time of year, is A Very Good Thing).

To help make it a little easier (and to celebrate the launch of Etsy gift cards), Etsy have given me a £100 vouchers to be given away on Make And Do With Perri. Hurrah!

So, this week just leave a comment below and I’ll randomly choose someone to give the gift card to. Why not tell me what you’d buy?

To celebrate the giveaway I’ve started this Pinterest board where I’m collecting all this prints on Etsy I’d buy if I had a spare £100.

* A few T&Cs *

– You must live in the UK

– You must leave the comment before Friday 22 November 11.29pm


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39 responses to “Giveaway! £100 Etsy gift card

  1. I’d spend £50 on my kids and £50 on me. Might sound a tad selfish but otherwise I’d be left with granny undies from my mum and earrings (which I never wear) from the inlaws. Don’t even get me started on the husband! 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Oh how wonderful. There are so many lovely things on etsy I could spend £100 on.. Can we all join the pinterest?

  3. jodie

    Hi! id buy a few gorgeous bits for my little sister’s nursery- shes 3 months gone and VERY excited! Blankets… Toys… Decorations… its hard not to get carried away! hehe! x

  4. Camilla


    ooohhh great comp! Id love £100 to spend on Etsy and I would buy a one off piece of art or clothing as my xmas prezzie to myself! 🙂

  5. Oooooh! The possibilities! Etsy …..there is just so many gorgeous things….maybe something for the kitchen…

  6. gosh £100 to spend on myself – that would be a dream! Would probably buy myself a needle felted hare by DaliaNerijusFelt to guide me through 2014, some, a print by betsywalton to keep me feeling inspired and creative and the rest on craft materials to keep me being creative and going forward with my own home based craft business – – good luck everyone!

  7. Natalie

    Wonderful competition. I would buy a gorgeous solid silver bangle from SeirianME.

  8. I would buy my man a lovely handmade watch. I hope I win 🙂

  9. Abi Roberts

    I would so love to win this, I would buy some of the beautiful screen printed fabrics from Oh, Little Rabbit. Particularly the baby onesies for my new niece x

  10. Mad

    Ooooh, I’d buy things to decorate my craft room…

  11. Katie hepworth

    I’d buy lovely double gauze fabric and stylishly quirky for the new kitchen that is currently being plotted and schemed

  12. I’d buy some patterns from Etsy and some materials and attempt to make some lovely gifts for my family for Christmas. I’d also buy something humourous for my grandad who, for health reasons, doesn’t have alot to laugh about this year xxxx

  13. Sarah

    I would buy some prints from The Black Apple – I love her stuff! And maybe some sewing inspired jewellery.

  14. I’d buy a yarn bowl because whenever hoover I notice so, so much fluff all over the carpet from my knitting and crochet – it’s like a multi coloured a rainbow!

  15. Charlotte Walker

    I would spend it on some crafty supplies and material because I’m a Guide leader and our Guides would love using it!!

  16. You do know it’s not *nearly* Christmas don’t you? It’s nearly Christmas shopping time though, sure. 😉 I got engaged a few weeks back but my partner hasn’t bought me a ring yet because he can’t afford it so £100 would go nicely towards a vintage ring for me 😛

  17. Hi – I’d spend the money, if I was lucky enough to win, on an original drawing or painting. I’ve recently began painting with acrylics, and it makes me appreciate the work of ‘proper’ artists when I’m so frustratingly hopeless! Best wishes Valerie

  18. If I had £100 to spend on Etsy I’d buy some lovely presents for my friends and a present for me (something super pretty and fun that I’d never normally buy)

  19. I’d treat myself to some jewellery, maybe one of the vintage bakelite bracelets I always look at!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  20. flipping heck, it wasn’t good to start looking at Etsy when I should be going to sleep. I’ll not be counting sheep tonight but will be counting candles, vases, clocks, craft supplies and all the other wonderful ideas they have.

  21. Helen

    I would treat myself to something stylishly vintage and enjoy ever moment of the picking it been a tough year so see it out with a bang- Christmas sweater maybe 😉 x

  22. I would buy presents for young care leavers who go to The Tope Project on Christmas Day to celebrate together on one of the toughest days of the year for them which reminds them they don’t have a family.

  23. Oh gosh where to begin!

    I would have a good ole trawl through my usual haunts and then see if anything takes my fancy either as gifts or something for myself. (cheeky!)

    Eeek I don’t know – would love to be considered though!

  24. rinhamburgh

    I’d probably indulge in my passion for craft supplies, especially washi tape!

  25. AliceH

    I’ve just been given an original Art Deco china cabinet, and it’s beautiful, but empty. I think I’d start with one of those Lionel Richie teapots, then perhaps some altered antique plates! With dinosaurs on!!!

  26. Supporting independent designers is so so important, I have a shop on etsy myself and am always buying gorgeous things on there x I would buy gifts for my 2 best friends, my mum and a treat for moi, etsy rocks and when I visited thier New York head office they all rocked even more in real life, a super bunch of lovely people x

  27. Such a great prize! I’d use mine to get cracking on some serious Christmas shopping 😉

  28. If I was given £100 I would buy some fab craft supplies to supplement my “bag of surprises”. The bag of surprises is a toolkit for my writing and craft workshops with patients (some have cancer, others have dementia). It’s lovely work, but it is all voluntary, and a donation would be appreciated by all of us. If we are lucky enough to win I will try and take some photos of the groups for your blog 🙂

  29. ooh lovely! I’d definitely have a hard time deciding what to buy!!

  30. Ashley

    Such a great prize! There are so many amazing sellers on etsy that if I won I’d probably spend at least a week trying to limit it down. I think I would end up buyig craft supplies that I could use to make lots of presents for friends and family so the prize would spread even further.

  31. Gill

    3 new grandchildren in the last year, so I would buy each Mum something special

  32. Zoe Paterson

    Really lovely competition – got my wedding ring and custom headpiece made on Etsy this year and love traipsing through it. Have also just gone freelance and am researching all things handmade and craft related and your blog is just excellent. Thanks Perri!

  33. So this year my aim is to make all of my Christmas presents (slightly ambitious considering the size of my family..) there for stocking up on craft supplies would be great! This fabric is rather nice…
    However, With Christmas creeping up so fast, if time were to beat me and my speed of crafting I would have to buy my sister one of these..

  34. Kathleen Vits

    I would use it to support all the lovely small craft people including my best friends daughter who makes fabulous soft toys which little people just adore

  35. Amber

    Oh gosh, I would just love to get some jewelry and some handmade candles and bath items. Lovely holiday gifts!

  36. I would buy a constellation wall clock for my telescope-toting husband; some lovely handmade hats for all the babies my friends have been having; something circus-related for my trapeze artist friend (who basically has the coolest hobby ever); personalised jewellery for some other friends; and if there was change to spare I’d buy moomin washi tape and some fox gloves: – fingers crossed as I would love to win!

  37. I would buy a present for my beautiful 7week old daughter *
    She makes smiles at the moment but is destined to make even more beautiful things when she realises her hands belong to her body 😉

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