John Lewis IS Christmas

As regular readers of MADWP will know, I don’t do a lot of blogger challenges/groups/things like that. I just don’t have the time.

That all changes when it’s John Lewis, though. Obvs.

I grew up with John Lewis. The Milton Keynes branch, specifically. It wasn’t just because they had the only slice of free parking out the front. It’s because, my mum and dad explained, they had everything you could ever need. And it’d always be good quality.

I have such fond memories of the store. Of trying to sit on the massive stack of rugs, but them always being too high. Of gazing at the chandeliers and knowing that, one day, I’d have one of my own (I don’t). Of getting my lime green Raleigh bike (I still have it). Of buying school uniforms and those little labels you send off and they come back with your name on.

I still love it now. I got my first sewing machine from them. Me and J got our first crockery together. I still buy linen year in the January sales (the best time to buy it) and I still buy all things electronic there (the staff actually know what they’re talking about – I was dissuaded from buying a more pricey Mac Book Pro because the staff didn’t think I needed it. And I don’t). Being in there makes me feel all grown-up, and a little more like my mum – if you knew her, you’d know that was A Very Good Thing.

That’s why I’m taking part in the John Lewis Secret Santa. Next week I’ll be picking a gift from John Lewis to give to another blogger, and they’ll do the same. Fun, right?

(Ps. Here’s the new ad)

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