Sewing + feminism = this cracking feature


‘In response to the rampant misogyny of the Internet, feminists are putting “misandry” on shirts, hats and jewelry.’



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2 responses to “Sewing + feminism = this cracking feature

  1. Maybe a better response would be ‘I don’t hate you despite your hatred’ ? (It’d take a bit more thread though !) Valerie

  2. Hi Perri,
    I really like your blog, and stumbled across it from channel 4’s recommendation page. I especially love this funny embroidery!
    I also write a blog, but crafting is only a small element of my lifestyle page – I do love crafting but don’t get so much time as I’m a new mum with a 10 week old son. I do however have a cool competition/giveaway running at the moment to win a ‘CRAFTING MAKES ME HAPPY’ print from Tea & Ceremony, which I thought you & your readers might be interested in.
    You can enter the rafflecopter giveaway at
    All the best
    Lucy x

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