#eattheworld part 1: Peru

Five friends.
One decision to see each other more and take advantage of London’s amazing culinary offerings.
The result? #eattheworld

#eattheworld part one went a bit like this:

The chooser: Aidan, who blogs about wine at aidanhasawine.wordpress.com
The country: Peru
The restaurant: Tierra Peru on Essex Road on Islington
The drinks: Cusquena beer, Pisco Sours, Picasso wine, shots of coco leaf liquor
The food: skewered ox heart, deep fried pastry fingers, raw fish marinated in green lime juice, creamy seafood stew, quinoa risotto, sweet potato, marinated pork and chicken
The verdict: delish
The one thing you should know: Peruvians cook with massive corn kernels

Next month’s chooser? Jonny, my boyf

In true food blogging form, here’s my shakily-taken, Instagram-style, on-an-angle shots of the night.







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