Behind the scenes: the photoshoot

The location: Photographer Luke’s Hackney studio
The team: Luke (the photographer), Samira (the stylist and her lovely lovely interns), me
The food: jacket potatoes with lashings of cheese and beans, snack pots of flapjacks and cornflake cakes from Sainsburys

Five days. Shed loads of paint and paper and pins and Blu Tak. Luke and Samara being the two most awesome creatives I’ve had the pleasure of working with (a huge thanks to Liz Simon for recommending Luke, and to Luke for recommending Samara). Me finishing off projects just minutes before they were to be shot. Luke trying to shoot before it got dark. Samara making those things I’d just finished making look 10 times better. All of us doing our absolute best to make this these pictures the best they could be. I think we managed it. Thank you guys. You absolutely bossed it.


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