Material World: meet the cross stitch experts

The master class is by …

Who? Jamie ‘Mr X Stitch’ Chalmers

Why?  The UK’s most prolific male embroiderer (or ‘manbroiderer’, if you will) is the go-to guy for all things contemporary, quirky and intriguing in the world of needlecraft

Where can I see more? has everything you’ve ever needed to know about contemporary embroidery and needlecraft, but if you really need more of the man, then you should pick up his beautiful book, Push Stitchery. Heading to the Knitting and Stitching show this year? He’s going to be at ALL of them, having curated an embroidery area in London, Dublin and Harrogate.


The insider tricks are from …

Who? Jessica Aldred

Why? Co-author of Adventures in Needlework, Jessica is the don of all things embroidery. No, really. She trained – and then taught – at the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court (can you imagine going to university THERE?), and now that she lives in Dubai she writes patterns for the likes of The CrossStitcher and takes on personal commissions.

Where can I see more? The gallery on her website,, is well worth a look, as is the book she wrote with Emily Peacock.


Who? Jacqui Pearce

Why? From fashion and textiles at Manchester University to working as an executive for the likes of Topshop and Fat Face, Jacqui now has a penchant for contemporary-yet-nostalgic design and is the founder of about a zillion companies that sell beautiful things. She’s also a needlepoint designer and writes books.

Where can I see more? Fill your home with beautiful things from Pearl and Earl and Granny Knits, buy contemporary craft kits and materials from Jacqui P , or check out her new book, Supersized Stitches.


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