Stitched Stories: the documentary

Please watch this. It was previewed at the London Design Festival this week at the Fine Cell Work pop-up shop in London. (I chaired the panel debate after – it was a LOT of fun.)

Stitched Stories, by Rachel Tavenor, features the following: Neil, a former prisoner whose life was changed by FCW, Sarah Corbett, the founder of the Craftivist Collective, and Jessica Aldred, a FCW embroidery tutor who is also the c0-author of Adventures in Needlework.

(And if you want to read more about Fine Cell Work, read this lovely piece by Huma Qureshi on


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One response to “Stitched Stories: the documentary

  1. jillinabox

    I watched this and was very moved by how Neil and Sarah talked about stitching having a “calming influence” on them, and Sarah’s comment about how it facilitates reflection, which I agree is lacking in our fast paced society. Thank you.

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