I’m making a Liberty quilt

Despite looking about 21, my mum has a significant birthday next month. What to give her? A quilt, of course. And for such a significant birthday? A LIBERTY quilt.

I bought most the squares from Liberty Charms on Etsy (she has the most amazing supply of vintage Liberty fabrics, like the 24 Liberty Lawn squares, below)

And then for the edging (and to keep it looking more contemporary), I edged it with some of the brand new Liberty Lifestyle Craft Fabrics. Here’s a few of my favourites …

Blue Copeland Cotton Craft Fabric

Red Dance Cotton Craft Fabric

Turquoise Garnett Cotton Craft Fabric

Blue Dorothy Cotton Craft Fabric
Of course, when I say I’ve done all this, I haven’t. I’ve only just started on the patchwork top. Who knows how long this will take … but I’m looking forward to doing it all.





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2 responses to “I’m making a Liberty quilt

  1. Betsy Greer

    Oooh! I think a Liberty quilt is a flippin’ fantastic idea fer yer mum! Excellent choice, Perri!

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