Ooh, I’m in a magazine!

No, no. Not in one I actually work at. (Although I do still get unashamedly excited when I see a new issue of Psychologies out with my name on the masthead).

The lovely people at Mollie Makes put my Twitter handle in their ‘One to follow’ section this month. Aren’t they nice? Here’s the front cover.

And because they sell it better than I can, here’s a little bit about the mag from their website…

“Mollie Makes is published thirteen times a year. We curate the best craft from around the world into a tactile, collectable and totally irresistible magazine. We love to make – handmade is more than just a hobby for us, it’s in everything we do. We can’t resist hunting down treasures in thrift stores, then customising, re-covering and embellishing our finds with our endless stash of ribbons, buttons, fabrics and felt. We’re forever on the lookout for new inspiration. Whatever we do, we’re living and loving handmade.”



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3 responses to “Ooh, I’m in a magazine!

  1. I bought my first ever Mollie Makes today.
    Opening it I saw a bit on a shop I visited and blogged about earlier this week, with you beside it. I was a tad confused by giving your twitter username, but it quickly clicked. Congratulations!
    I’ve also blogged about a trip to Cardiff Arcades, which they had an article on. Maybe I’m destined to buy that magazine.

  2. .. and that is how I just found you! What a lovely blog you have 🙂

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