Oh THAT’S where All Saints got their sewing machines from.

Walk into any All Saints stores across the world and you’ll be greet with a zillion and one Singer sewing machines. It’s, like, their thing.

But where the hell do they get them all from?

Well, it seems they came from a chap called Scott Reynolds of a company called Unique Finds. And I know this how? It’s because All Saints nearly went under, and it was because they forked out too much on supplies, such as A ZILLIION AND ONE SINGER SEWING MACHINES. More over at thisismoney.co.uk

Update: the link won’t work, so copy and paste this one … http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2136623/Revealed-Court-papers-tell-battles-pushed-All-Saints-brink.html


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