A round of applause for John Lewis.

I’ve not ventured into their haberdashery for a few months (MacCulloch and Wallis on Dering Street has taken my custom because it’s 1. An indy and 2. Has a better selection of fabric.)

There’s not a hand embroidery thread in sight there, however, which meant a quick trip to JL. And what a most wonderful surprise. The haby has moved, it’s bigger, there’s more fabric and more yarn, there’s less focus on pricey kits and more on materials (something I was annoyed at last year), there are many (or seems to be more) experts on hand to help, there’s a large table in the middle so you can peruse pattern books, and there’s even a few creative flourishes (I love the knitted chair covers).

It seems there’s been a concerted effort to challenge the online stores, by creating a much nicer Real Life crafting experience.

Keep up the good work John Lewis (and make sure this this is rolled out across the country).







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8 responses to “A round of applause for John Lewis.

  1. Dotty

    I agree it is much better. Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to be rolled out across all stores though. The Stratford JL (which is brand new so you would have thought would have the latest concepts) has a tiny habadashery and when I went there for embroidery thread last week they only had those one of those cheapo mixed packs – no individual colours at all. I was v disappointed – I was so excited about getting a John Lewis near me!

  2. Hey Perri
    I was there the other week and thought the same thing! The only criticism I have is that the pattern book table is too small BUT I just took the books to that large table and sat in a knitted chair. It felt like a much more welcoming place than before.
    Caz xx

  3. Loving that chair cover! Sucks that there’s no John Lewis in Oxford 😦

  4. This is brilliant! Those mushrooms are rather fantastic as well. The haberdashery in the John Lewis in Manchester (where I am) isn’t a patch on this. Jealous!

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