Another new craft book, from someone who doesn’t make.

This is from the press release …

“When publishing giant FW Media/David & Charles contacted Made in the Shade gal Carrie Maclennan and asked if she’d like to write a book, she was thrilled and her reply was a short, sharp, excited, ‘Yes’. Little did they realise, that despite having been an active figure in the craft scene in Scotland for over 6 years, Carrie’s creative friends and colleagues know her as quite the crafting calamity. Invited to be the authoress of David & Charles’  ‘The Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing’, Carrie admitted her crafty shortcomings but came up with an exciting twist in the usual ‘how-to’ sewing book format.  She gathered a group of designer maker pals and asked that they – as textile artists, craft queens, dressmakers and veritable sewing susans – teach her some stitching tricks.”

“A year (and numerous sewing lessons) later, Carrie is thrilled to announce that The Busy Girl’s Guide To Sewing is available to buy from all good book stores now!   The book contains 13 simple, satisfying and fun sewing projects designed especially for busy girls in mind.  Projects are grouped together according to complexity and the length of time they take to complete.  Some, like those in the DIY craft kit chapter at the beginning of the book,  can be stitched up in a matter of minutes.  Some, like the Pleats Aplenty Duvet Skirt, might be completed over a few sittings.”


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