Introducing the Craft Awards …

Dear People Who Make and Those Who Don’t,

I would very much like your assistance. I’m working on a little craft project – nothing out of ordinary there – and think you are all the best people to help. What with the fact you are all funny, clever, handsome old chaps.

I’d love your nominations for my craft awards.

I’m looking for you to nominate celebrities, fictional film and book characters, actors, authors, musicians, script writers, directors, presenters, and well-known people for their services to craft, GOOD OR BAD. Does Julie Roberts deserve a craft Oscar or a wooden spoon for her services to knitting? What about Allsopp? Which authors bring craft alive with their writing? And which deserve the craft equivalent of the Bed Sex literary prize?

Any nominations, however silly, however serious, very welcome, emailed with your name and contact details to No matter if you’re a hardcore knitter or you’ve never picked up a needle and thread in your life… everyone’s opinion is equal.

All will be revealed in the end, I promise…


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