One of my favourite knitters plays with BMW.

Amy Twigger Holroyd is going to be an artist in residence at a BMW plant. Wow!

From the press release …

Amy Twigger Holroyd has become artist in residence at BMW Plant Hams Hall for June and July, and, in collaboration with BMW and the Lichfield Festival, she is working with Coleshill Primary School children and BMW employees to make replica car parts from knitted and crocheted materials.”

“The Knitted Engine is a collaborative piece exploring the hidden similarities between engineering and knitting. Traditional knitting and crochet techniques will be used to construct a replica BMW engine – presented as a three-dimensional exploded diagram – in a clash of creative cultures.”

Amy said: “We picture mechanical engineering to be professional, precise, masculine, industrial and serious, while knitting is thought of as feminine, domestic, amateur, thrifty
and cosy. However, the two practices do share common characteristics. Both involve the application of knowledge to design and build objects, and success in either activity requires a deep understanding of the properties of a selected material.”

I look forward to seeing the pictures, for shizzle.


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One response to “One of my favourite knitters plays with BMW.

  1. How cool? There was an artist in residence where my fiance works at the National Oceanography Centre who did stuff like film glitterballs 4 miles below sea level… It’s amazing what an artist can do in an industrial situation!
    PS thanks for amazing email – I totally squeed when I got it and have added you to my list of totally top craft people – with Ysolda and Suzanne Stallard. Hope you don’t mind I’ve linked your blog from mine too.

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