Urban Outfitters and that copy cat allegation.

The story

1. Early last week Etsy designer Stevie Koerner accused Urban Outfitters of ripping off her United States of Love design.

2. Twitter exploded, as it did in the Hidden Elouise case. Even Miley Cyprus got involved.

3. Now, Urban Outfitters have responded, and their blog about it is well worth a read.


What I think

1. It’s very interesting that Regretsy have got involved in this. They seem to have given Urban Outfitters a good case. Should they have done that? I don’t know. I think Avril of Regretsy is brave to do so though. She already faces the wrath of Etsy sellers who think she’s a traitor to craft.

2. Urban Outfitters have a history of this. I don’t believe for a second they didn’t nick it from someone

3. We should all buy more stuff from places like Etsy rather than Urban Outfitters.




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2 responses to “Urban Outfitters and that copy cat allegation.

  1. Why don’t we just boycott Urban Outfitters because the owner (who is the same owner of Anthropologie) is a right-wing asshole who’s given millions of dollars to anti-gay causes? Isn’t that enough reason to boycott?


    Why does no one in the UK know about this??? I’m from Philly (and went to University of Pennsylvania, where the first and flagship store is) and Hayne is well-known as a nutcase there. ACTUAL hipsters would never shop there, or at Anthropologie, because the company targets the progressive young market while simultaneously taking the profits and investing them in the sort of political candidates who are hellbent on taking the rights of that same customer base away.

    They’ve also famously blocked attempts by workers in their stores to organize, and as you mention, have a history of ripping off independent designers. They are Primark for fake hipsters with trust funds. I’d be ashamed to walk in the door, frankly.

    Not that I have opinions about this.

  2. Wow. I did NOT know about Richard Hayne. I used to love Urban Outfitters until all this business came out. How disappointing. Even more reason to shop on etsy.

    Perri, your blog name is showing up as ‘title unknown’ in my google reader. I’m not sure if the problem is my reader or your blog. Just letting you know 🙂

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