I will be doing this.

I’m talking at Unravel knitting festival on February 27.

by Perri Lewis
Perri, journalist for The Guardian, Psychologies, Making and Knitting magazines and knitter, discusses the rise of the craft in the last decade, and explains who’s picking up needles in 2011 and why. Hear about five very different people working with yarn today and why these are the knitters to be inspired by this year.

I’d love to hear why you guys knit, and your suggestions for the most influential knitters in 2011.



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7 responses to “I will be doing this.

  1. Popybead

    I started knitting just under a year ago to help with stress. I could knit as a kid but I find it helpful to stay calm. Also being dyslexic I am always looking to challenge myself and conquer different patterns/abbreviations.

  2. What about Natalie Fergie who won a Justgiving Award tonight for the P/Hop (Pennies per Hour of Pleasure) knitting fundraiser for MSF?

  3. Hi Perri,
    I’m sure she’s on it already but am hoping that Freddie Robbins is one of your 5 knitters? If anyone has pushed knitting out of the comfort zone in the past decade then it’s gotta be her!

  4. Hi Perri,

    I nominate Donna Wilson & also The Knit Witch on YouTube. Donna’s designs are nostalgic & childlike and she promotes Uk manufacturing. I started knitting 2 years ago & with the help of Donna’s ‘the knitted odd bunch’ and The Knit Witch I have seriously improved my skills. I love the fact it is so easy to finish one of Donna’s projects.

  5. I started to knit after my best friend gave me a beautiful scarf for Christmas, and I thought I could do that! I also thought it would a nice way to spend some quality time with my mum who taught me. x

  6. Rosie

    Hi Perri!
    I knit – mostly for something to do whilst I’m watching telly! Seriously, there is nothing more statisfying than creating something of your own (cliche alert) but especially just using a big bit of string and a couple of sticks.
    I love the style of Erica Knight and she has definitely inspired me to be more free with my knitting (and crocheting) – just experimenting with stitches, texture and colour to create some lovely unique pieces.
    Good luck with the article – can’t wait to read it

  7. Rin

    I knit very simply because it’s relaxing, it’s a way of winding down and it makes me feel less guilty about watching TV if I have something to show for it at the end of an evening!

    For me the most influential knitters have been my mum, who taught me in the first place when I was a kid, and Kaffe Fassett for his use of colour which has inspired me to look outside my colour comfort zones.

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