Today you can find me in Stylist.

I threw a few words of wisdom their way for their Craft Your Own Business This Weekend feature. Pick up a copy, it’s nice. Or take a look at their workshop for more ideas about how to start up your own business.

(It’s a real shame that Leona of Lady Luck Rules OK isn’t still doing her Little Black Book classes anymore either, as they were along the same lines, and apparently awesome.)



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3 responses to “Today you can find me in Stylist.

  1. Really inspiring article. It’s got me thinking…

  2. FOund your blog due to a darling image of a knitted cat next to a real cat (yours?) on google. May I use the image in my knit blog header? It is so cute. I love cats and am a knitter! I understand if you dont’ wish me to

  3. yeh loved it too! definately given me some motivation along with plenty of other crafty gals too!! 🙂

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