What would your answer to this be?

“As a proud member of the first wave of bra-burning feminists, I can’t help but notice young women today seem to have embraced the whole June Cleaver ideal: baking, sewing, being crafty. What does this say about the state of feminism?”

Read what Journal Star reporters Cindy Lange-Kubick and Micah Mertes (I don’t know who they are either) had to say over at journalstar.com.

And what do I think? Well, that’s for a whole other blog post.



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2 responses to “What would your answer to this be?

  1. If you ask me, it’s a bit of a sexist statement. To assume that feminism = anti-June Cleaver. Just because some young women enjoy baking, sewing, and being crafty, it doesn’t mean that they have given up on making a name for themselves outside the kitchen. It’s like saying young men who like to cook, sew, and make crafts are not men and have lost their masculinity. Must we be limited to one side of the spectrum and one side only?

  2. I agree, just because young women are learning/relearning traditional female crafts and skills doesn’t mean to say they are ‘stuck’ at home doing these things, as the sexist stereotype would have it. What if this means I am also more interested in all things hands-on, like fixing my car? What if my boyfriend is in the kitchen cooking dinner whilst I’m making myself a new dress?

    How ludicrous to suggest that a woman who enjoys these crafts is somehow reversing or stalling the feminist movement. For me, embracing and celebrating traditional female past times whilst also having other, less traditionally female interests, is feminism.

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