When craftivism meets London fashion week.

From the lovely Sarah C of Craftivist collective

“To mark the start of London Fashion Week 2010, activist group The Craftivist Collective has created homemade Mini Protest Banners aimed at exposing  the ugly side of fashion.  Using Mini Protest Banners, they hope to make people think about the side of the fashion that is often too easily dismissed by the industry in a non-threatening but challenging way during the fashionista’s calendar annual highlight. They have been tied up to lamp-posts, railings, and buildings near fashion hotspots to provoke people to care about their global neighbours on the other side of the global fashion industry including this one inside Somerset House saying: “Lowest paid models at London Fashion Week paid £125 an hour. Majority of garment workers in Vietnam paid £25 a month.”

Aren’t these guys awesome?



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2 responses to “When craftivism meets London fashion week.

  1. guadalavaca

    Brilliant stitchwork

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