This is a good idea.

Ooh is a free listings site where anyone can list courses, classes and things to do, and already people have listed nearly 700 craft and creative courses. Craft is by far the most popular category on the site, with people listing classes ranging from amigurumi crochet lessons to basket weaving and SOS sewing workshops. Unlike other listings sites, people who list their craft courses on Ooh can also take direct bookings and payments from customers – so we hope Ooh is a great, free way for people and small businesses to market their courses, with many small businesses using it as a means of taking payment online so they don’t have the cost of implementing this on their own site.”

So yeah, that’s pretty good isn’t it?



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3 responses to “This is a good idea.

  1. Amazing idea, have bookmarked it. Thanks 🙂

  2. As we offer more than 35 different craft workshops, we love the idea — but unfortunately Ooh isn’t able to work with companies like ours that already have bookings capabilities on their own sites. 😦

    Still, anything that gets the word out about craft is pretty fantastic!

    • Jennifer, this is Emma from and we’ve been in touch before, and you’ve been emailing my colleague Emmeline. As we’ve said all along, we’d absolutely love your classes to be listed on Ooh and it doesn’t matter that you have your own bookings system on your site. Well over half the people who list on our site have their own bookings system!

      All you need to do is upload a few classes (to try us out), add your dates and prices, and then when people want to book they will use ‘other payment’ method on our site and you will then have all their contact details and they can pay through your site.

      It’s just as easy to use Ooh whether you have your own bookings system on your site or not. Perhaps call us if you still have queries.


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