The Big Knit. 2010. Launched. Boss.

I don’t blog much from press releases, but this is well worth it. All the very best to Juliet, the editor of The Knitter, who is supporting this campaign.

“For 2010 each be-hatted smoothie sold in Sainsbury’s stores will raise 25p and our target is £200,000, which is quite a pile of hats. This is why we need your help – simply pick up your needles or DPNs and knit us a little hat. Better still get together with your friends and knit a few more. The basic pattern is only 28 stitches and 18 rows – that’s not even a tension square. We bet that you could whizz one up during EastEnders or Corrie, so imagine how many you could do in a month? In fact our deadline for hats isn’t until 5th October so please try and fit a few in for us. We will be putting up lots of fun patterns and announcing a competition or two very soon but for now just go to our site to get started.”


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