In craft-related World Cup news …

… Crayola crayons can be turned into brilliant footballer sculptures (via CRAFT) …

… England flags can be knitted. Woop! (via the BBC) …

… and Wayne Rooney’s massive meat head face can be turned into a cross stitch pattern (via, well, me over on

And in Wayne-Rooney-cross-stitch-related news, some people (who will remain unnamed here because, well, I’m nice) can get pretty bitchy online …

• “hope the “journalist????” who wrote the article was tongue-in-cheek about CS, perhaps directing the article at footie fans instead of needleworkers? If not, the article was patronising, and insulting.”

• “I guess everyone has an opinion, but she’s an idiot anyway. If she’s not a stitcher, he opinion doesn’t count.”

• “hmm what a rude woman not sure how many fans she thought she would win with that article !!!, i love cs and football so am equally saddened by her patronising comments.”



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