I’ve been away for a month, so here are a couple of things from the blogs that I missed.

• There’s excellent feminist cross stitching over on My Little Stitches.

• Lee May of Bombi Forest (who I happen to know has an awesome tutorial coming out on guardian.co.uk, hopefully this week) has blogged about her beautiful, hand-printed wedding invites and some pretty darn awesome crocheted butterflies.

• Catherine Hirst, very luckily, snapped this excellent knitting-themed birthday cake.

• The Craftivist Collective put together an election-themed cross stitch sampler encouraging everyone to vote.

Kate Bosworth wears a cracking crochet dress over on the Topshop Inside-Out blog.

• The Felt Mistress continues to ravish her way through illustrations, felting them into beautiful 3D creations.

• Over on Home Shopping Spy they get a little preview of Kelly Doust’s new book, The Crafty Kid and pop into a couple of online haberdasheries.

Business tips for crafty chaps from the Glasgow Craft Mafia.

Hats made from dog hair, Bambi-themed fascinators and rugs made of rats over on Craftastrophe.

• The East London Craft Guerilla are looking for illustrators to illustrate their posters and pointed me in the direction of new craft mag Pica Pica.

• There’s an awesome massive knitted tree over on we make money not art.

Phew. I’m *almost* done with my Google Reader. Tomorrow I shall tackle the hundreds of posts from the MAKE, CRAFT and Regretsy blogs, and let you know my favourites.

UPDATE: I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t wade through 600+ blog posts from CRAFT and MAKE when so many are the same and there’s only so many hours in the day. Apologies. You’ll get over it though.


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