Bunting is BRILLIANT.

More Making Time projects: this week, handmade bunting. Because not only does everyone love it, but Cath Kidston charges a fortune for it.

More tips over at the Guardian, where this was first published. 

What you need: Card
Pencil/tailors’ chalk
// Ruler
// Scissors (for cutting card)
// Pinking scissors or scissors suitable for cutting fabric
// Fabric
// Pins //
Needle and thread/sewing machine
// 2m ribbon (wider than 2cm to make it easiest)
// Iron

1. Make a template: To make sure all the triangles are the same size, cut a template from card to draw around. I reckon long triangles are better than short stubby ones.

2. Draw the triangles: Draw around the template on to your fabric using a pencil or piece of tailors’ chalk. Remember to rotate the template each time you draw another triangle so you can get as many pieces as you can from your fabric.

3. Cut out the pieces: Use pinking scissors to cut around the triangles – this gives them a zigzag edge and stops the fabric from fraying. If you don’t fancy investing in any new tools, use normal scissors to cut out and: a) Put up with the fraying (really, this isn’t ideal). // b) Use felt – which doesn’t fray – or strong upholstery material // c) Overlock around the edges with a sewing machine

4. Attach the triangles: Take a long piece of ribbon and fold it in half, lengthways, so it is just as long but half as wide. Iron to keep the fold in place (this makes the next bit easier). Pin the fabric triangles on to the ribbon at equal distances from each other.

5. Sewing up: With the triangles pinned in place, sew all the way along the ribbon, at least 1cm from the edge, making that sure when you stitch, the needle goes through the triangle and both sides of the ribbon. A sewing machine makes this easy, but if you don’t have one, hand-sew using a backstitch.



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