Crafters who tweet good.

I love Twitter, for work and play. Here’s the 10 craft people who’s tweets I like best:

@heritage_crafts Where you’ll find out about preserving Britain’s crafts

@handmade2_0 For ace links galore

@Regretsy Where DIY meets WFT

@SewCraftyFox Works at craft publisher David and Charles – lots of info on books and stuff

@MrXStitch Man. Embroidery. Bosh.

@knitthecity The best way to find out about guerrilla knitting across the world Thrifty crafty tips

@craftycrafty The ace craft blog, written by Lauren of Stitch and Bitch London (@deadlyknitshade)

@themakelounge The first proper craft workshops in London

@craftivista Betsy Greer, the ultimate crafty activist

@craft The former mag-turned-webblog, with a zillion new posts a day


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