Let me introduce you to the art of “sknitch”.

Apparently it’s act of sewing, knitting and stitching at the Clothes Show, and “it’s making a massive comeback all thanks to funky big knits and big big BIG woollen scarfs!”. It even has it’s own logo. And it’s Dear Leaders? Why of course it’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonne, two slebs famed for sitting around knitting/sewing/stitching their own stuff.

Bloody hell.

Come one guys. COME ON! Sewing and stitching are the same thing. The rise of craft did not come about because we fell in love with big knits. Sazza and Madge don’t sit around all night crafting.. they jumped right on that knitting bandwagon five years ago when everyone else’s publicists put out a “Julia Roberts/Cameron Diaz/insert-name-of-sleb-whp-once-mentioned-knitting-here LOVES KNITTING”.

And, as Lisa Lam (who pointed me in the direction of this link) says of Sknitch: “Makes me think of …erm…’alternative’ names for lady bits.” Bosh.


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2 responses to “Let me introduce you to the art of “sknitch”.

  1. The folks at ‘Sknitch’ had never heard of Selvedge mag (which isn’t a crime of course), but they were the ones telling me about the resurgence of all things crafty and telling me about craft publishing etc.

    I’m guessing a name like ‘Sknitch’ could only have been devised by a bandwagon-ista. Heh!

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