Everyone’s hopping on this quilting bandwagon now, aren’t they?

The Times are doing it rather well though, with a design from Tracey Emin tied into the forthcoming V&A exhibition (although the instructions are uber-hard to follow – it took me a couple of hours one-on-one tuition to get my patchwork and quilting up to scratch). The Mail are, shock horror, covering it nicely too, with these photos of patchwork on the catwalk and a few decent quilting and patchwork products (although, even though I’d like this to be true, they’re slightly over-egging it – “quilting clubs and classes are becoming not just the new coffee morning, but the new cocktail hour too” – guys, you know that’s just not happening.)

Good work all round though. Nice to see the exhibition getting the coverage it deserves (I saw a preview last year at the Festival of Quilts awards ceremony – yup, I’m that frickin’ cool – and Sue Pritchard’s key note speech was ace.)



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2 responses to “Everyone’s hopping on this quilting bandwagon now, aren’t they?

  1. heh, quilting in the cocktail hour… having attempted quilting under the influence, I can report that even one glass of wine makes my points-matching go to shit.

  2. Perri

    I can’t even knit after a few pints, so patchworking… never going to happen!

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