Paperchase-gate: the prequel.

Before Paperchase-gate there was *drum roll*:

Topshop-gate (Made by White tried to stand up to the big bad wolf)

Oilily-gate (Not so hot on my languages, but I get the idea)

Asos-gate (Lady Luck like Rules OK. But not over Asos. Boo.)

.. are you tiring of the cliche yet? I hope not …

Alimrose-gate (Me thinks she won, but did she?)

Small-handmade-animals-in-America-gate (Not so catchy, but still awful).

And I’m sure, many many more. Really, you’d think there would be some kind of blog about it all. Oh wait, there is. Introducing “You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice”. Ah ha!

So, in the words of that great newspaper, The Sun? Gotta story? Wanna share it?

Post up any more links and we’ll all have a good gossip. Maybe we could even do something about it …

(PS: excellent detective skills, People Of Twitter. All these links are from @lucykatecrafts and @bugsandfishes)


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