Paperchase-gate: episode one.

Perhaps the name is a little shaky, and a tad hyperbolic … but it’s not often one gets a chance to write about Real Things on this little ol’ blog.

So, it all kicks off when Hidden Eloise (let’s go for HE from now on) comes up with a little girl and a bear. They are WELL cute. Then, erm, hullo Paperpchase, you appear to have produced a design that includes a rather tasty looking girl that also happens to look, well, pretty much exactly the same HE’s girl. Don’t believe me? Take a little look for yourself.

Paperchase aren’t interested in HE’s pleas to change it. Ha! Little HE, you are but a mere maker, they say. Or something like that. Or something along the lines of, um no, it’s like totally our design.

Then… Twitter. Of course! It’s the way all the kids are getting the message out there these days. Angry blog post explaining all? Check. Shortened URL? Check. Tweet? Check. Plenty of retweets (these crafty lot are a right ol’ cracking bunch) and now we all know.


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