Craft + Apple tablet = some exciting things to come.

People Who Make Stuff are an awesome bunch, and they’re pretty geeky too – I fully expect plenty of Apple iPad/iSlate/iWhatever-related crafts to pop up across the interweb in the next few weeks and days. I’m on the hunt for anything related, so would be uber-grateful if you could ping any links my way.

There’s an iPint in it for everyone.

And my predictions?

• They’ll be plenty of book-themed covers on sale on Etsy (the tablet is expected to do for books what the iPod did to music)

• Someone on Ravelry will create a tablet-cover knitting pattern based on the dimensions Steve Jobs describes in the press launch tonight. Expect it to up up sometime in the next week.

• Projects on Instructables will pop up showing you how to create a stand for your new iWhatever, as in this mock-up.



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3 responses to “Craft + Apple tablet = some exciting things to come.

  1. Stressful

    I predict your predictions are spot on.

    Myself, well… even I can’t get excited about this.


  2. Great blog entry.

    What do you think of the iPad?

    Man was I let down this thing should have been insane instead Apple settled for a cheap device.

    iPad Touch

  3. Perri

    Cheers! What do I think? Hmmm. I got pretty excited when I saw the YouTube video about how you might read Sports Illustrated on it to be honest. I love magazines, me.

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