Boris Johnson’s sister is an idiot.

Boris Johnson’s sister – Rachel Johnson, editor of The Lady – is an idiot. She said: “Knitting is really trendy”. Um, Rachel, you’re about four years behind love.



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3 responses to “Boris Johnson’s sister is an idiot.

  1. Stressful

    She should have said something like ‘thank goodness knitting is really trendy again – long may it continue to be so. How about bringing back more traditional crafts like tatting?’.

  2. Perri

    She should indeed. Best response to me tweeting this post? From @sarah ditum “Well, in The Lady’s timescales, four years ago is probably achingly now. I bet they flatplan by the decade.”

  3. angelnstar

    Well the job has not been without its pitfalls….. modesty prevents me from elaborating, but have gone into more detail on link above.

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