Junk jewellery

I always break jewellery. Or lose one of a pair of earrings. Or spend a small fortune on pieces from eBay that I later find out come from New Look and are actually pretty shoddy. I do all this accidentally.

Sometimes, I buy jewellery I don’t like if it’s in the sale. Sometimes I keep bits of crap plastic rings from crackers, or tacky holiday souvenirs. Sometimes I pick up random beads and bits of jewellery and metal and pretty things I find on the floor. I do all this on purpose.

And by doing all these things, accidentally and on purpose, I have managed to accumulate a large collection of what I like to call “crap”. Luckily, said crap, when added together, can form more than the sum of its part (y’know, like that phrased used by those marketing people and business heads and blerghhhh bore bore bore).

Anyway, some crap + a lovely chain necklace given to me by my good friend Danielle = this necklace.

Junk necklace

Junk necklace

“Hmmm, I wonder what the story is behind all these pieces of jewellery. I bet they’d make for a great story.”

Well, as you asked …

Junk necklace

Junk necklace

1. Part of a child’s earring, possible Barbie branded, that I have somehow acquired. Not the best story for number one.

2. A nice orangey bead. Again, source unknown.

3. The pendent of a necklace given to me by my Nana. As I don’t wear small, understated pieces, I’ve never been able to use it.

4. A brass ring, possibly from a curtain rail.

5. A purple star from said expensive eBay necklace that turned out to be from New Look.

6. Part of a lovely Accessorize necklace that came apart.

7. The back of a giant diamond (real, obbbbbviously) from a Jonny Loves Rosie bracelet given to me for Christmas by my beautiful boyfriend, Jonny.

8. I love shells. This is not a real one though, but a fake one. From Hobbycraft. What a sell out.

9. A playing card earring from eBay. It looked much nicer in the picture.

10. This used to have a blue oval stone in it, and it used to be part of a bracelet from Topshop.

11. A pendent from a necklace given to me by a child when I was a child. I loved it. It was turquoise, it had glitter in it, it was in the shape of a heart for gawdness sake.

12. Another pendent from my Nana, this time it wasn’t one of her old pieces, but from a black plaited bracelet, possible as a souvenir from somewhere like Malta.

13. A piece of a belt from Next.

14 Another shell. From Hobbycraft. Seeelllllll out.

15. A pair of gold scissors. Where the hell, and why the hell, did I buy these?

16. See 13.

17. A random blue stone, with a very thin hole in the middle — I used a nice gold earring to attach it to the chain.

18. Just a pearl. A round pearl. A pretty pearl, if you will.

19. A butterfly from that eBay necklace.

20. A shoe from my Barbie. A Barbie I was given by my grandparents, aged 16, when I was going through one of those phrases. “I’m soo kitsch, I have a Barbie, ooohh.”

21. Another piece from my Jonny Loves Rosie bracelet (incidentally, in case you wondered why I was dismantling the bracelet given to me by dear Jonny, it was because he bought it entirely based on the fact that, with a quick scribble, the packaging became Jonny Loves Rosie Perri, not because he liked the bracelet). Big love J.

I didn’t have space for a number here, so the star is from a bracelet I bought on a holiday once, I forget where it was. It was beautiful, with big glass beads, but it broke. The beads are now on various other pieces of jewellery I have made. The red piece is also from the Next belt.

22. Another Next belt gem.

23. A tacky pendent from a top from H&M. I wouldn’t usually buy something with such an awful embellishment on it, but, it was in the sale.

24. The main piece from the New Look/eBay/rip-off necklace.

25. Another lovely pearl.

26. This piece fell off before the photo — I’ve entirely forgotten what it is. I will update you all, because you all care so much, when I find it.



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9 responses to “Junk jewellery

  1. emma

    oh, oh and triple oooooohhhhh. I soooooo am going to make one of these. I too unsurprisingly have a huge collection of crap collected accidentally and on purpose. It’s been waiting for this moment I know to go and jump onto a necklace. We can show and share when it’s done xx

  2. Hi my name is janelle and i am a hoarder lol but I dont mind coz I get to make things like you make.Everything comes in handy sometime.You have a great imagination thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s really cool!! Found via a Craftster swap.

  4. Perri

    Cheers guys. Looking forward to seeing more junk jewellery made – would love to put some picture up if anyone wants to send me some.


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  6. oh such a wonderful idea, and it tells such a wonderful story.

  7. so creative… yet look gorgeous

  8. congratulations you already have a good blog. I’ll share my blog had

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